Clothing Cascade at CVB Church
Clothing Cascade Closet @ CVB

CC Closet Location

at CVB Church
130 Cabarton Road
Cascade, Idaho 83611

Winter Hours:  Thursdays 2pm – 5pm

Donation Needs

  • Children Clothing
  • Winter Clothing for Children

Clothing Cascade

When my younger sister passed away she left me bins and bins of her clothes – more than I could ever wear in a year (she loved to shop)! As I went through her clothes, some even had tags; I thought about how much I would love to give them to someone in the community rather than the thrift store. I also received clothes from others in the church who no longer were wearing them, and our daughter was growing out of her clothes. So I thought about taking all these items I had and turning our church into a “storefront” so members of our community could take what they needed, and we would call it Clothing Cascade. I ran the idea by Pastor Richard, and he loved it, so it began!

Last year was huge. We served well over 200 people and gave away over 2,000 articles of clothes. We expect to exceed those numbers this year!

Clothing Cascade

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Clothing Cascade
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